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Since being brought up and educated in Glasgow, I have lived and worked throughout the UK, the Middle East, North Africa and the USA. My career has included the running of an English Language School specialising in teaching English to foreign nationals.

This background, coupled with working alongside major industrial and service companies, has equipped me to work comfortably with people from all over the world. My areas of expertise include - PR, Marketing, Education and Tourism. Using creativity and integrity, I bring to your business, enthusiasm, vigour and the benefits of my extensive experience.

As a successful businesswoman in my own right, I have built up and consolidated a unique reputation based on high standards, reliability and attention to detail. This approach and breadth of experience has been recognised by VisitScotland - Grampian with awards for Tourism Marketing Initiative on four separate occasions - Winner of the prestigious ‘Come to Aberdeen Trophy’ in 2004 & 2008, alongside Highly Commended for the ‘Come to Aberdeen Trophy’ in 2006 & 2007. Further recognition came in January 2015 when Pam Wells Ltd was awarded the accolade of 'Aberdeen Tourism Ambassador 2015' by Aberdeen City & Shire.


“We have had great feedback and your tour was one of the highlights of their tripapparently, so much so that the passengers said "why couldn't we have stayed in Aberdeen overnight and spent some more time there". Thank you Pam and I do hope we have some tours in the future we can work with you on again."


Sophie Elwood - on behalf pf Roberts Holidays


“It all sounds so perfect! This is exactly what I had wished for and more. I can't thank you enough. You made it all happen and I am delighted with your services!  It really means so much to me that you looked after them so well. Thanks for EVERYTHING - keep up the grand work!


Carla Barrie - Melbourne, Australia

"Your tour this morning was absolutely fabulous, very interesting and pertinent information delivered so professionally and with such style - thanks so much for everything - it's wonderful to be in the hands of such an expert."
Karen McCormick - Edinburgh

"It really was a marvelous tour and so much of this was due to the ideas, effort and skill you contributed to it."
Director: International Study Programmes, New South Wales

"Your professionalism shone through on the touring part of the programme."
Unocal, Thailand

"Many of the partners spoke of your warmth and kindness during the week and just how relaxing and informative all the trips were. You were truly an ambassador extraordinaire for Aberdeen."
BP, Aberdeen

"I wish you could have been a fly on the wall in the coach to hear the unanimous appreciation for your tour and commentary, especially of Old Aberdeen and the harbour."
National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts, Kendal, Cumbria

"Your contribution to this charity event is greatly appreciated and helped to make the evening such a success."
British Heart Foundation

"It was a fantastic that you organised everything for the Partners' Programme right down to their transport and I think it was this personal touch with really made the difference."
PRime Promotions (Scotland) Ltd.

'In the evening, everyone bragged to us about the fantastic guide & the guided tour & they all were impressed about your knowledge. Many of the men found the info you gave them about the harbour was of special interest.'

Gruppereiser AS Haugesund, Norway


'May I add to the avalanche of compliments from your grateful colleagues about your superb guiding on Saturday. I know the day exceeded all expectations & contained even more treats than a box of Thornton's chocolates! All the time & effort you put into the preparation & the notes are hugely appreciated.'

STGA Board of Directors


'Trust me - if I ever need sight-seeing assistance in the future, you are my go to!'

Teekay Petrojarl, Aberdeen


'I would like to thank you for all the time that you were more than my English teacher, for all the times that you listen to my complains, for all the times that you looked into my eyes and actually saw me!'

Brazilian Student


Pam Wells wishes to record her appreciation to the Aberdeen and Grampian Tourist Board and Ardoe House Hotel for permission to reproduce a selection of photographs.


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Member of the Scottish Tourist Guides Association